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Kentucky’s Stroke Care Journey: Insights From Coverdell

Stephen and Brent sit down with Kentucky REC advisor Lacy Shumway who provides a comprehensive overview of the 3-year Coverdell Grant, focusing on its mission to enhance stroke care in collaboration with the CDC. She shares details behind the numbers in Kentucky’s application for the grant: addressing high stroke mortality rates and risk factors.

Pill Podcast Episode 12

Brent McKune joins KY State HIT Director and KHIE Deputy Executive Director, Andrew Bledsoe for a comprehensive overview of KHIE’s role in facilitating health data exchange, with a special focus on the Image Exchange component.

Pill Podcast Episode 11

Brent McKune and KHIE Deputy Executive Director, Andrew Bledsoe delve into the significance of Social Drivers of Health (SDoH) and the state of Kentucky’s efforts to address them.

Pill Podcast Episode 10

Brent McKune and KHIE Deputy Executive Director Andrew Bledsoe discuss how the Kentucky Health Information Exchange is leading the HIE marketplace with innovative services, as well as advancing interoperability in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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