TJ Samson

Going through the transformation of our clinic to a Patient Centered Medical Home was a daunting task, but the team at Ky REC was there to guide us all the way whether it was in-person meetings, conference calls, or reviewing documentation through email exchanges. Just in the year since certification, we have already seen a huge improvement in our clinic to meet the increasing needs of patients as well as the increasing complexity of payor programs such as MIPS and HEDIS.

Eric Fisher

Fairview Community Health Center

Kentucky Regional Extension Center performed a Security Risk Analysis of our Electronic Health Records. Their expertise of subject matter, technical skill, insight, instruction, and overall willingness to walk us through the process were first-rate.

They didn’t just identify risk like most auditors; they provided the necessary resources, guidance, and support that aided in the development of Information Security Policies and Procedures specific to our business. They provided “real solutions” that could actually be implemented, not the ones that just look good on paper. We still use Kentucky REC as a resource today and would recommend them to anyone.

Robert B. Paisley

HealthFirst of the Bluegrass

As the interim CEO of a new health center, I relied on the Kentucky Regional Extension Center to assist us in ensuring we had a solid foundation in the proper policy, procedure, and physical controls required to protect the health center and its patients from harm.  I proudly recommend them.

Brent Rafferty

Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc.

Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc. values HIPAA compliance and wanted to be sure that our compliance plan was on the right track. We had worked with KY REC in other capacities and have been very pleased with our outcomes so we reached out to them for conducting a security risk analysis for our clinic. The professionals at KY REC have proven to be experts in the field and made the process easy to follow and work with. They came on site, conducted the analysis, answered and explained questions, provided excellent feedback and a plan for risk mitigation. We moved forward with their risk mitigation services project and have recommended them to other clinics like ours looking to conduct their first risk analysis to become compliant with the HIPAA security rule. I look forward to continuing to work with KY REC for our future Security Risk Analysis needs.

Missy Powell

Danville Pediatrics

The PCMH transformation process helped us to step back and take a closer look at written policies and processes for care of patients, allowing us to focus on specific groups of patients with chronic illnesses that sometimes may fail to receive improved health outcomes. It also enhanced the access to care through open scheduling, extended hours and new options for communication with the care team. Now each patient has an ongoing relationship with a personal physician that provides first contact, continuous and comprehensive care. We improved a more developed approach to helping adolescents transition from pediatrics into the adult care setting by providing a direct patient care team. The process also allowed more efficient use of staff and practice resources, resulting in cost savings. With the help of the Kentucky REC, we achieved Level 3 NCQA PCMH recognition.


Fairview Community Health Center

Kentucky Regional Extension Center recently performed a Security Risk Analysis for Fairview Community Health Center. This is the first time I have been involved with this type of assessment. They made a task that most would expect to be a dreaded experience, a pleasant and educational event. They provided excellent advice, and were friendly while being professional. As an IT Managed Service Provider for Fairview Community Health Center, we benefited from his IT experience.

The Kentucky REC team spoke to C Level executives and our company at the same time. One of the many aspects I was impressed with was their ability to put any requirements for Electronic Health Records in a less technical abstract, and then immediately give ISTT staff a more technical explanation. I believe this ability of Kentucky REC allowed us all to have a clear understanding of what needed to be accomplished and why. I would recommend any health care provider take advantage of the services of the Kentucky Regional Extension Center.

Art McFadden, Innovative Solutions Through Technology Sales Engineer

London Women’s Care

Kentucky REC was wonderful, we could not have achieved meaningful use without the REC’S support.

Kacey Bolton

Madison Family Clinic

Coming into this transition was a struggle for me, personally. I had just been hired at the amazing clinic I work for, so I was becoming familiar with how things function at my new workplace. I did not have a full understanding of the practice’s policies and protocols.

I was new to the clinic and new to healthcare altogether. Needless to say, I had a lot of questions!

Our practice lead has been so helpful from day 1. She has consistently helped us understand what we need to do during this transition. I sincerely admire our practice lead’s patience through this process. I feel my concerns, thoughts, question are heard by our practice lead. Likewise, my questions are quickly answered. If she cannot give us the most accurate answer as soon as we have a question, she swiftly finds the best answer/solution and expeditiously relays that on to us. I genuinely appreciate how she continuously asks if we need clarification or how she can help us. I know she is a reliable source of assistance in our pursuit of PCMH.

Resourceful is another word I would use to describe our practice lead. If we need clarification of what NCQA is looking for, she is quick to show us examples of criteria that have been successful in the past. Alternatively, our KYREC practice lead may show us examples or give us different strategies that other practices use, but she reminds us that there is flexibility in the process which allows us to cater to our patient’s and clinic’s unique needs.

She is insightful and highlights what we already do that is sufficient for the transition. We appreciate this because it keeps us from duplicating work we have already completed. KYREC helps keep us on a reasonable timeline by providing suggested timelines and goals. Because of KYREC, I felt we had an ample understand of QPASS before we were even enrolled in the program. Without our practice lead, we would have had a difficult time navigating QPASS and the enrollment process. Now that we are enrolled, our practice lead helps guide us and makes us aware of issues that we may confront within QPASS.

In closing, I’d like to say that the patience, insight, resourcefulness, and usefulness of KYREC have greatly benefitted us during this transition. Lastly, I truly appreciate the assistance we have received in our transition and look forward to the journey ahead.

Alexus Hornback