Kentucky’s Stroke Care Journey: Insights from Coverdell

Get ready for an engaging discussion that unveils the transformative impact of the Coverdell Grant on the future of stroke care in the Bluegrass State!

Kentucky REC advisor Lacy Shumway provides a comprehensive overview of the 3-year Coverdell Grant, focusing on its mission to enhance stroke care in collaboration with the CDC. She shares details behind the numbers in Kentucky’s application for the grant: addressing high stroke mortality rates and risk factors.

Explore the seven strategies implemented by the Coverdell Grant, formally known as the Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Program, including: HTN control; quality improvement; education; and EMS collaboration. Lacy discusses data collection challenges and the critical role of ZIP CODES in the Social Deprivation Index (SDI). Uncover the system-wide impact of the grant, addressing challenges and bridging geographical gaps in stroke care across Kentucky.

Lacy Shumway is the Program Manager for the Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Program at the Kentucky Regional Extension Center, University of Kentucky. With 13 years in healthcare, Lacy’s expertise includes 7 years as Coordinator for Stroke Program Outreach at Norton Healthcare. She successfully marketed the stroke program and developed a pre-hospital stroke education training offered across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Lacy serves as Vice-Chair of the Cardiac and Stroke Subcommittee at the Kentucky Board of EMS, and is the Chair of the EMS and Education Committee with the Stroke Encounter Quality Improvement Program (SEQIP). A graduate of Indiana University, Lacy brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion. Tune in for an informative exploration of stroke care advancements in Kentucky!

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