KHIE: Connecting Kentuckians to Community Resources

Cohosts Brent McKune and Stephen Williams of the Kentucky REC introduce Episode 11 of Kentucky REC’s PILL Podcast. In this episode, they sit down with KY State HIT Director and KHIE Deputy Executive Director, Andrew Bledsoe, to delve into the significance of Social Drivers of Health (SDoH) and the state of Kentucky’s efforts to address them.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Unpacking the vital concept of SDoH and its pivotal role in healthcare
  • Gaining insights into Kentucky’s unique SDoH challenges and the proactive measures taken to tackle them
  • Exploring the integration of kynect resources with KHIE and its advantages for healthcare organizations
  • Understanding the challenges that KHIE faces and its vision for the future
Andrew Bledsoe is currently KY State HIT Director and KHIE Deputy Executive Director

The intersection of health information technology with quality care delivery has provided Andrew with a unique perspective over his nearly 20 years in healthcare. Starting his career in a regional hospital, he quickly learned the challenges in healthcare, especially rural medicine, and began investing in the concept of leveraging health information technology to improve outcomes for patients. His current appointment within the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services primarily focuses on implementing the KHIE Strategic and Operational Plan, promoting the statewide exchange of patient health information, spearheading a number of new services designed to improve care coordination, and offer new avenues to reduce reporting burdens and foster inter-agency collaboration.

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