The CMS Quality Payment Program is comprised of four categories for Year 2: Cost, Quality, Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities. While three of the four categories require clinicians and/or practices to report, the Cost category is based on claims data. It uses Medicare claims data to collect Medicare payment information for the care a provider and or practice provided to beneficiaries during a specific period of time; as such, there is no submission required. The Cost performance category is newly weighted for year 2 of the Quality Payment Program and is set to increase in weighting over time. Under the MIPS program, cost is based on total cost of care during the year or during a hospital stay, with the potential addition of episode-based measures in future years. The QPP goal is for cost measures to align with the quality of care assessment so that practices can work toward better patient outcomes and smarter spending at the same time. Events such as hospitalizations, readmissions, and certain complications can be identified through claims analysis and then inform the quality of care furnished during an episode.

Join us on our upcoming webinar when we take an in depth into the Cost performance category. We will review the measures that make up your cost composite score, as well as some of the feedback reports you can use now to gain a better understanding of your historical performance. In addition to reviewing the key category requirements, we will also dig into how the Cost and Quality performance categories align, and how a practice can use each category to drive improvement across the MIPS program.

QPP Year 2 Webinar – Cost Deep Dive

Thursday June 7th 12-1 p.m. ET