UK HealthCare is excited to announce that in the coming weeks, we will launch a revised transfer process – Kentucky Centralized Access and Transfer System (K-CATS) – to ensure care for the “right patient, at the right time, in the right location.”

Beginning Monday, March 15, outside facilities and providers will experience a new voice and face when dialing UK*MDs for patient transfers.

K-CATS was created in response to clinician feedback to improve the process of transferring appropriate patients who will benefit the most from our expertise and advanced care teams.

K-CATS will be staffed 24/7 with patient facilitators, nurse navigators and physician coverage.
The K-CATS team will serve as the control center for:

  • facilitating physician-to-physician consultation
  • arranging expedient clinic appointments
  • transferring patients into the UK HealthCare system

While the concept behind K-CATS has been in development for some time, it took on new urgency last July as UK HealthCare faced the complexity of COVID patient care and a significant increase in acutely ill Kentuckians needing complex, innovative care.

With input from both the UK HealthCare community and those who refer patients to us, we have been rethinking existing strategies and redesigning a new approach to increase efficiency, capacity management, transfer prioritization, and patient placement.

The K-CATS team will have access to:

  • eICU
  • telemedicine options
  • care navigation
  • procedural/diagnostic appointments
  • clinic appointments
  • direct admission to inpatient beds

It is our belief that K-CATS will provide greater efficiencies and stronger partnerships with Kentucky’s regional health care systems. At the same time, it will greatly benefit UK HealthCare providers, staff and patients.

The Contact Information for referring providers will not change. All calls will still go through UK*MDs. To refer a patient call toll free: 800-888-5533 or 859-257-5522 or Fax: 859-257-6325

For detailed information, please visit the Medical Contact Center page HERE.