On May 18th CMS announced that they will begin archiving historical webpages, resources, and reports on the QPP Website. This includes historic performance feedback reports and submission information for performance years 2017-2020. CMS is retiring these webpages, resources, webinars, and reports to be in alignment with best practices in information technology data storage and reduce security risks. The information being archived is no longer applicable as the payment year associated with the 2020 performance year ended on December 31st, 2022.

This will allow participants to more easily find current, applicable information within the QPP Site.

If you do not already have copies of your historical performance information saved in your records, be sure to sign in to the QPP website through June 14th, 2023 to download those reports. They are useful records for eligibility, programmatic participation, as well as record-keep for potential future audits.

Below are the following resources and reports that will be retired beginning June, 15th, 2023:
• Performance Year 2017-2020 QPP website pages, including the QPP Participation Status tool
• Performance Year 2017-2020 resources in the Resource Library
• Performance Year 2017-2020 webinars in the Webinar Library
• Detailed performance feedback and submission information for performance years 2017-2020 (currently accessible in the “Performance Feedback” tab when you sign in to the QPP website)
• Detailed eligibility information, including Alternative Payment Models (APM) Participant Lists for performance years 2017-2020 (currently accessible in the “Eligibility & Reporting” tab when you sign in to the QPP website)

Contact the expert advisors at Kentucky REC with all your questions related to documentation capture recommendations and any other questions you have related to the QPP. We’re here to help: 859-323-3090.