Beginning in January 2022, institutions currently with PCMH recognition and those seeking recognition will be able to utilize Standardized Measures within the Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement (QI) concept section of the program. Annually, NCQA updates their Patient-Centered Medical Home and Specialty Practice recognition programs, and in July released the revised versions. The annual updates generally have minimal changes, however this year with the addition of the Standardized Measures, NCQA is making more of an impact with the PCMH program.

The QI concept section, within the PCMH program, will now offer standardized measures to choose from for the required Immunization, Preventive Care, Chronic or Acute Care, and Behavioral Health quality measures. This should provide more accurate and unbiased measurement, and can be compared more accurately across various practices and organizations. NCQA believes that reporting standardized measures will allow practices to report some of the same measures they may be submitting for other federal, state and payer programs, and in-turn help reduce the burden as organizations maintain or work to achieve PCMH recognition.

PCMH and the Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) programs transform clinic practices into a patient-centric model that focus on patients and their needs. The intent is for patients and practices to form long-term partnerships and make health treatment decisions based-on patient preference, and guiding patients to be more engaged in their own health decision with their provider and health team. This model maximizes efficiency, lowers health care costs, improves quality, clinical outcomes and patient experience; all while improving the value of health care and laying the foundation for a strong Value-Based Care organization.

For more information regarding the NCQA PCMH/PCSP program(s), or the newly implemented Standardized Measures, contact our PCMH Certified Content Experts at Kentucky REC. We’re here to help: 859-323-3090.