Join our partners at KHIE (Kentucky Health Information Exchange) for the 2021 virtual eHealth Summit, as they share the transformation of Health Information Technology (HIT) and KHIE technological enhancements over the past year. As the pandemic exposed new challenges in HIT, KHIE responded by implementing new features and services such as Patient Alert Query Service, Direct Data Entry for labs providing COVID-19 test results, Electronic Case Reporting for reportable diseases, the new Image Exchange, and much more.

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Highlights of the Day

Dr. Alecia FarleeseKeynote Speaker – 9 am: Dr. Alicia Farlese will provide insight on the state of HIT from a national perspective, with particular emphasis on federal HIT policy changes, and their impact on Kentucky healthcare providers. Dr. Farlese, DNP, RN-BC, is a retired Captain/O-6 and previous senior leader in national health IT policy and programs at the US Department of Health and Human Services, contributing to many health IT regulations, such as the 21st Century Cures Act.

Healthcare Panel 10 am: Commentary on the Role of Health IT Post-Pandemic: Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) across Kentucky will provide insight on the status of Health Information Technology from a state perspective, with particular emphasis on the impact of COVID-19 on Kentucky healthcare providers.

KHIE Service Spotlight 11 am: Social Determinants of Health: KHIE representatives will share how they are partnering with kynect resources, the Commonwealth’s web-based community resource portal, to link Kentuckians to appropriate resources to help mitigate the impact of social determinants of health (SDoH) on vulnerable populations in Kentucky.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Analytics: As a result of the evolving COVID-19 reporting requirements, KHIE implemented Direct Lab Data Entry and Electronic Case Reporting to efficiently align with Public Health reporting obligations. KHIE facilitated mandatory COVID-19 test lab reporting through Direct Lab Data Entry and automated the generation and transmission of case reports for reportable conditions through the implementation of Electronic Case Reporting. Learn more about KHIE’s public health efforts during the Analytics Breakout Sessions.

Image Exchange: KHIE’s Image Exchange Service affords healthcare providers the ability to share clinical images, view images in KHIE’s ePartnerViewer, and export images to a destination Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) for viewing in high-resolution. The aim of this service is to provide easy access to diagnostic studies and images. Learn more about KHIE’s Image Exchange and the Image Exchange Pilot Program during the KHIE Services Breakout Sessions.

Telehealth: Donna Veno, Director of the Division of Telehealth Services, will present on Kentucky’s actions to enhance telehealth utilization during the COVID-19 pandemic and how best to regulate telehealth post-pandemic. Areas of discussion include: federal temporary relaxed restrictions; Kentucky actions including new statutes, emergency orders and regulatory guidance related to Medicaid and Health Benefit Plans during the pandemic; and what legislative and regulatory changes are necessary for permanent changes post-pandemic.

HIPAA: It’s not easy to remember all the requirements that come with the HIPAA Security Rule. In this presentation, we will provide a checklist and guidance on various HIPAA security tools and resources that you need readily accessible when it comes to making sure your organization stays compliant. We’ll also take a look at the HIPAA regulatory updates introduced for 2021.

Quality Improvement: Major changes are happening to quality initiatives in 2021, 2022, and beyond, as we watch certain long term programs sunset, and others become more demanding. At the same time, new and upcoming initiatives join to make quality and the expectations on healthcare providers even more complex in the near future. What will the next few years look like? How do you keep up with everything to maximize performance?

2021 eHealth Summit Agenda

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