Even though the Quality Payment Program (QPP) impacts all Eligible Clinicians, we often hear that specialists think it is directed toward primary care providers. There are currently five types of providers (Physicians, PAs, NPs, CNS, & CRNAs) that can be Eligible Clinicians, and this list is expected to expand in coming years. The NPRM for 2019 proposes to include: Physical and Occupational Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, and Clinical Psychologists. This expansion, if included in the upcoming Final Rule, could include more specialists than ever before in a CMS program. While the Improvement Activities and Promoting Interoperability performance categories have significant flexibility to allow for the best fit regardless of practice type, Quality is an area that many specialists tend to struggle with as they work to choose the best approach.

While the majority of quality measures are highlighted as being primary care specific, there are measures and objectives for specialists. In fact, there are subset measures that are designed specifically for different specialties. The challenge is in identifying the correct quality measures, and the best approach for capturing the required information and submission.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we will discuss how measure availability and subsequent benchmarks can affect scores for specialists. We will present crucial steps to take as a specialty practice to ensure ongoing success in the Quality Payment Program.

Webinar September 20 – QPP for Specialty Practices

Thursday September 20th 12-1 p.m. ET