Each new year brings challenges and opportunities within the world of healthcare. The last several years have been unprecedented in the level of those challenges, with clinicians and healthcare workers willingly stepping into the gap to provide much needed care for some of our most fragile patients. At the Kentucky Regional Extension Center, we appreciate your dedication and commitment to the communities you serve.

2022 brings new regulatory changes and updates to CMS’s Quality Payment Program as well. From limiting bonus potential in the Quality performance category, to increased weighting and addition of 5 new Cost measures, to updates with Promoting Interoperability, and additional insights into the implementation of MIPS Value Pathways (that will soon be replacing Traditional MIPS), more change is on the horizon. Now, more than ever, is the time to optimize your Health Information Technology, gain understanding around your data, and streamline workflows and processes to maximize your performance potential and improve outcomes.

Join us for our next webinar where we will explore these programmatic challenges and how to turn them into opportunities for improvement when you partner with the expert advisors at the Kentucky Regional Extension Center.

QPP Year 6 Overview: Foundations of Success in the QPP – February 16th at 12pm Eastern.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 16th 12:00 – 1:00 PM ET

Contact the experts at Kentucky REC for all your QPP, MIPS, and APM questions. We’re here to help: 859-323-3090.