Are you trying to make sense of the alphabet soup of the Quality Payment Program (QPP) and all its moving targets? At first glance the Quality Payment Program can be overwhelming, with four categories (Advancing Care Information, Quality, Improvement Activities and Cost) and two main tracks (MIPS and APM). We have some tools that can help you wrap your arms around ACI must pass measures, along with how you can build off your existing workflows rather than starting from scratch. We find that that the best approach for the program is to take one step, or category, at a time. Some of the best ways to land in the exceptional performer category are by building off strong points and achieving quick wins to gain momentum. This is followed by slowly working to close gaps.

Advancing Care Information (ACI) makes up to 25% of your final score for those in the MIPS track and up to 30% of your score in the APM track. Building off the EHR Incentive Program, better known as the Meaningful Use (MU) program, many of the measures and objectives are modeled after the Stage 2 objectives of MU.  Join us on April 12th when we will be taking a closer look into the year 2 requirements of the ACI category. During the webinar we will highlight the major changes, potential challenges and the flexibility that will help you ensure maximum points in the ACI category for Program Year 2018.

QPP Year 2: ACI Deep Dive
Thursday April 12th 12 – 1 p.m. ET

Contact us at Kentucky REC with your questions about the Quality Payment Program. Our team of experts is here to help: 859-323-3090