One of the most challenging performance categories in the Quality Payment Program (QPP) is the Cost Category.

The number of potential Cost measures and the category weight has so far increased each year of the QPP. As Cost continues to rise in significance, it is increasingly important that clinicians consider how their performance on Cost measures will affect their overall performance scores. Clinicians and their organizations will want to grow their ability to avoid the program’s escalating penalties for not meeting performance thresholds.

Eligible Clinicians do not need to submit data for this category, but there are still some ways in which you can prepare for and improve your Cost scores.

Here are a few suggestions as you work on the Cost category:
1. Review the Measure Information Sheet
2. Become familiar with each measure’s Attribution Methodology
3. Analyze your past Cost performance in the annual QPP Feedback Reports
4. Confirm all Coding/Billing practices
5. Consider implementing relevant QI (Quality Improvement) processes

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