For 2020, Kentucky REC Quality experts are hosting a *series of three webinars in which they will discuss each of the four MIPS categories, starting with a deep dive into the Quality category. This category carries not only the highest weight of the four, but also has the longest reporting period.

Strong performance in the Quality category is essential to avoiding the negative payment adjustment. It is also has the biggest impact on your potential for exceptional performance status, which requires a score of 85+ points, and qualifies you for an additional positive payment adjustment factor outside the budget neutral program.

Our experts will share the changes to Quality for 2020, and how ongoing monitoring and improvement is essential in your overall success in the Quality Payment Program. During this first webinar of the series we will discuss ways you can be successful in the Quality performance category and maximize your performance in Program Year 4 no matter your practice size, level of submission, or method of collection. We want to help you not only meet the minimum threshold, but thrive in the Quality Payment Program.

Webinar – QPP Categories Year 4: Quality
Thursday, March 19, 2020 12:30 PM ET



Next in the series:
May 21 – QPP Categories Year 4: Cost
July 16 – QPP Categories Year 4: Promoting Interoperability & Improvement Activities

All QPP Webinars start at 12:30 PM ET

*This webinar is for Kentucky REC contracted QPP clients only. If you are interested in this topic and would like to learn more about becoming a client, please contact us at (859) 323-3090 or Kentucky REC. We aim to be your trusted healthcare advisor!

Future dates subject to change