The first attestation period of the new Quality Payment Program is almost over. We want to help you prepare for a successful first submission with the steps below. They will not only help you be ready for attesting for Year 1, but we also expect that they will prove useful in future years.

The deadline for most providers participating in the Quality Payment Program is March 31st (March 16th for Web Interface). There are several steps to take before you submit. The approach to the program may look different for each practice and will be greatly impacted by whether you are participating in the Advance APM track or the MIPS track.

First, it is the time to finalize your submission method(s). Keep in mind that the level of reporting (Group versus Individual) must remain the same across all categories regardless of method of submission. If you are using a third party (think EHR, Registry, QCDR), make sure to open a line of communication and establish a timeline. This is key for a successful submission.

Next, ensure that you can submit/review your data in the WWW.QPP.CMS.GOV submission portal. In order to access the system you will need to have an EIDM account. Start early to set up this account and create a user name without the @ symbol. It takes time and you don’t want an inability to log in to the attestation system to be the hurdle that holds your practice back. Once you’ve established access you should sign in to the system and confirm that you can see your connected providers. This portal is also where you have the ability to review 3rd party submissions, utilize the attestation feature for the appropriate categories, and receive real time feedback on your practice(s)/provider(s) performance.

Finally, have a plan in place as we wrap up this last month of submissions. Don’t wait until the last minute. We expect the system to slow down, and perhaps even crash, due to heavy traffic as we get closer to the March 31st deadline.

Contact our Kentucky REC team of Quality Payment Program experts with your questions: 859-323-3090