The Kentucky Medicaid EHR Incentive Program for Eligible Providers (EPs) ends August 31st, 2021

This CMS program, formerly named Medicaid Meaningful Use, has been in effect for 10 years. Over the life of the program, it has offered many providers across the Commonwealth an opportunity to submit information from the use of their electronic medical record for annual incentive payments. If you have providers who have attested to the Medicaid program in the past, or maybe you aren’t sure and would like to check their eligibility, please contact us at the Kentucky REC. We will assist you in determining eligibility, and provide grant-funded assistance from experienced advisors in meeting the requirements for participation.

The reporting period for 2021 is a 90-day performance period and that last 90-day opportunity began on June 2nd. However, you can report any consecutive 90-day period in 2021 that meets the performance requirements. Providers must provide a volume report that indicates at least 30% of their patient volume includes Kentucky Medicaid as an insurer. Pediatricians can report if they have 20% of their patient volume that includes Kentucky Medicaid. Our experienced advisors can help you with calculating this information, assist with attestation, and review documents for audit support, through grant-funded free assistance. Therefore there is no cost to providers for these services.

Contact us at Kentucky REC with your questions about Medicaid Promoting Interoperability. Our team of experts is here to help: 859-323-3090.

“This effort was made possible by Grant Number PON2 746 2000001660 from KY CHFS and US DHHS. The project described was supported by Grant Number PON2 746 2000001660 from KY CHFS and US DHHS.”