FierceEMR’s recent article “Regional Extension Centers Deserve a Round of Applause” praised the work of the RECs around the nation and called for clients of these RECs to speak out about their experiences.

The last paragraph of the article stated: “One voice that has been somewhat silent, however, is that of the providers. They are, after all, the RECs’ clients. What do they think of their local RECs? Why have they joined or not joined one? Are there any ways in which they should improve? What services would you like to see offered?”

In response to this, Kentucky REC sent FierceEMR the results of our recently completed Provider Satisfaction Surveys to share what providers in Kentucky are saying about their REC.

With these results, FierceEMR published this excellent article below. We are extremely proud of this recognition and appreciate all of our clients who took the time to share their experiences.


Kentucky Providers Happy With Their REC
June 22, 2013 | By Marla Durben Hirsch  | FierceEMR

Providers in Kentucky generally are satisfied with the performance of their regional extension centers, according to a recent statewide survey of participants in the Bluegrass State.

In the survey, of 147 REC participants conducted by the Kentucky REC, 89 percent of respondents said that their REC provided “effective project management services;” only 2 percent of respondents disagreed with that statement.

Additionally, more than three-fourths (76 percent) of respondents reported that the workflow redesign created by their REC team had improved their office’s efficiency, while 87 percent said that the REC team had the healthcare expertise to recommend practical solutions that worked for that provider.

A whopping 92 percent of respondents said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the REC, while the remaining 8 percent were neutral. No survey respondents said that they were dissatisfied.

The only quibble appeared to be whether the provider would pay for additional services from the REC once the program ended. While more than one-third (36 percent) indicated that they would, while a majority (56 percent) said “maybe.”

Seventy-three percent of respondents were physician practices; the remainder were hospitals, long-term care facilities and other providers.

The positive survey findings mirror government reviews of RECs around the country. The Government Accountability Office reported last summer that providers who received assistance from a REC were more than twice as likely to have received a Meaningful Use incentive payment. Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General reportedthat the four Texas RECs have been performing well.

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