HIEIf you are an eligible professional preparing for Stage 2 of the EHR Incentive Programs, check out our new CMS tipsheet on Stage 2 health information exchange requirements.

Three Data Sharing Measures in Stage 2
The tipsheet outlines the required data elements and provides additional guidance for the following three Stage 2 objectives that call for data sharing:

While some of the data elements are common between the three measures, other data elements are individual to each measure.

When does Stage 2 Begin for Eligible Professionals?
If you are an eligible professional who has completed at least two years of Stage 1 of meaningful use, you will begin Stage 2 in 2014. CMS has additional resources available to help you participate in the next stage, including:

If you are just beginning meaningful use, or have only completed one year, you must complete two full years of Stage 1 before moving to Stage 2.

Stage 2 Resources
For more resources to help you prepare for Stage 2, visit the Stage 2 webpage on the EHR Incentive Programs website.