Friday June 30th is the deadline to register for using the CMS Web Interface (formerly GPRO) to report MIPS for your group’s 2017 performance year.

June 30th is also the deadline to participate in the CAHPS for MIPS Survey, which measures patient experience and can contribute to your group TIN’s MIPS score.

If your group submitted last year via GPRO for 2016 PQRS data, and you choose to do the same this year, you don’t need to re-register. If you choose to report using a different mechanism after using GPRO last year, you must opt out by June 30, 2017.

The CMS Web Interface is for groups of 25 clinicians or more. To help you decide if the CMS Web Interface is the right reporting mechanism for your practice, obtain the CMS Fact Sheet here.

Registration can be done via the CMS QPP website.

The registration guide for both the CMS Web Interface and the CAHPS Survey can be obtained here.

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