CMS has followed up the MIPS Notification letters with a helpful tool to look up provider eligibility by individual NPI. To access the NPI lookup tool, go to and click on the green “Check Now >” button as seen in the screenshot below.

Green Button MIPS

From there, you can enter the provider’s individual NPI to check their eligibility. This tool should help anyone who is unsure about their provider’s status with MIPS for 2017. If CMS data reflects that the provider is required to submit data to MIPS, the following screen will state” “Included in MIPS; (Providers Name) must submit data to MIPS by March 2018” along with a new green button labeled “What Can I Do Now?”.

If the provider isn’t required to submit data to MIPS for 2017, the screen will show: “Exempt from MIPS; (Provider Name) is not required to submit data to MIPS for 2017” and there will not be a green button for next steps.

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