Register Today! Oct 24 – Kentucky REC Annual Conference

Register Today! Oct 24 – Kentucky REC Annual Conference

The Campbell House, Lexington, Kentucky – Join Us in Person or Online

Join us for an engaging day where we share essential topics shaping modern healthcare. Our agenda includes in depth discussions of quality initiatives, HIPAA, Social Drivers of Health, and more.

Whether you’re a clinician, administrator, or a member of healthcare staff, this event is tailored to equip you with the insights and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare.

Guest speakers will join us to present on relevant topics.

Questions? Contact the Kentucky REC Annual Conference Team at Kentucky REC. 859-323-3090.

Is Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Right for Your Practice?

Is Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Right for Your Practice?

The pursuit of patient-centered care is increasingly crucial in healthcare today. Practices are continually seeking ways to enhance the patient experience, improve outcomes, and streamline care delivery. One avenue gaining prominence in this quest is Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition. But is it the right fit for your practice? Let’s explore what PCMH recognition entails and the considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

At its core, PCMH is a model of care delivery that emphasizes comprehensive, coordinated, and patient-centered care. Recognized by organizations such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), PCMH recognition signifies a commitment to excellence in primary care.

The key principles of PCMH include:
• Team Based Care
• Whole Person Care
• Accessible Services
• Care Coordination
• Patient Engagement

Is PCMH Recognition Right for Your Practice?

While PCMH offers numerous benefits, it may not be suitable for every practice. It takes a significant commitment to successfully pursue recognition.

Consider these factors when evaluating whether PCMH recognition aligns with your practice’s goals and capabilities:

Commitment to Transformation PCMH requires commitment to transforming your culture and operations. It involves ongoing improvement efforts, staff training, and patient engagement initiatives.
Patient Population Consider whether your patient population would benefit from the comprehensive, coordinated care approach offered by PCMH. Patients with complex medical needs, chronic conditions, or frequent interactions with your organization may derive significant value from PCMH practices.
Financial Considerations Assess the potential financial implications of pursuing PCMH recognition, including initial investment costs, ongoing maintenance expenses, and potential reimbursement incentives from payers.
Alignment with Strategic Goals Evaluate how PCMH recognition aligns with your practice’s strategic goals, mission, and vision. Analyze if it will support your objectives to improve patient satisfaction, enhance care quality, and achieve better health outcomes.

Making an Informed Decision

The decision to pursue PCMH recognition should be based on a thorough assessment of your practice’s readiness, resources, and alignment with patient-centered care principles. A good next step in the process is to engage key stakeholders within your organization (including providers, staff, and patients), in discussions about the potential benefits and challenges of PCMH implementation.

Complete this Brief One Minute Survey to see if PCMH is right for you.

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QPP Public Webinar: 2024 Final Rule – Release Date Feb 21

Release Date: Wednesday February 21, 2024 @ 12PM ET

Every year, CMS enacts changes to the Quality Payment Program. The CMS 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) Final Rule, released in November of 2023, is no exception. Important updates include:

  • Finalized 5 new MVPs
  • PI Category – expanded the reporting window
  • Cost Category – added measures
  • Downward adjustments to PFS payment rates
  • Expanded SDOH & telehealth services reimbursement

Our Kentucky REC expert advisors are here to share and interpret the most critical updates to MIPS and APM Tracks of the Quality Payment Program. Register and view this on-demand analysis to stay in the know about changes to the program and what they could mean for your practice.

Fill out this brief REGISTRATION FORM to be among the first to receive this webinar recording.

For more information:

CMS Final Rule Press Release

2024 PFS/Quality Payment Program Final Rule

Contact YOUR experts at Kentucky REC with all your QPP, MIPS/MVP, and APM Track questions. We’re here to help: 859-323-3090.


QPP Year 8 Webinar February 13: QPP Reporting Options

Tuesday February 13, 2024 @ 12PM ET

CMS’s Quality Payment Program continues to evolve each program year. In the current landscape, there are more avenues than ever available for reporting your Eligible Clinician’s data. All these choices can be overwhelming, and make it challenging to determine the best reporting method for your practice.

Join our team of experienced advisors as we dive into the intricacies of QPP reporting options for both Program Year 2023 (PY23) & Program Year 2024 (PY24).

We will guide you through the diverse options of data collection and submission methods for each Performance Category, and review the different levels of submission for MIPS. This will give you the facts to make informed decisions that align with your practice’s goals, and shed light on essential considerations for the various MVP reporting levels.

Already a QPP client or interested in becoming one? As a client, you receive exclusive access to our analysis of all aspects of the Quality Payment Program. To speak with the team on how we can best support you, feel free to contact us HERE.

Open to the public webinars will be available in 2024, highlighting major updates and implications for eligible clinicians and practices.

Mark your calendars for “All About QPP Reporting Options” on Tuesday, February 13 at 12pm EST.

Contact YOUR Experts at the Kentucky REC for all your QPP, MIPS/MVP, and APM Track questions. We are here to help. Call us at 859-323-3090.

*This webinar is for Kentucky REC contracted QPP clients only. If you are interested in this topic and would like to learn more about becoming a client, please contact us at (859) 323-3090 or email us at We aim to be your trusted healthcare advisor!

Kentucky REC 2023 Premier Partner – Kentucky DPH

Kentucky REC Premier Partner Award: Kentucky Department for Public Health

The Kentucky Department for Public Health, and Sue Thomas-Cox especially, has had a long, successful history of collaboration with the Kentucky REC. Together we support technology innovation, performance improvement and health care transformation for health care systems and organizations across Kentucky.

Our most recent partnership to improve chronic disease outcomes would not have been possible without the confidence, trust and mutual respect between the Kentucky Department for Public Health and the Kentucky REC. Kentucky REC currently works with the Department for Public Health on numerous grant projects including Colorectal Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke, Diabetes Management, Diabetes Prevention, Asthma, and Community Health Workers. Each of these projects strive to improve health outcomes and address barriers for patients in Kentucky.

Sue Thomas Cox is the BRANCH MANAGER of the CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION/HEALTH PROMOTION, Kentucky Department for Public Health, Division of Prevention and Quality Improvement. She has been instrumental in the success of all of our work with DPH. Congratulations to the Kentucky Department for Public Health as our Premier Partner!

Kentucky REC 2023 Client Quality Awards

Kentucky REC advisors are proud to work with many organizations on quality improvement programs and initiatives such as the Quality Payment Program and Patient Centered Medical Home and Specialty Practice. Awardees were chosen by their advisor team and presentations were made at our Annual Conference. We awarded the following organizations in 2023 for their exemplary performance.

The Heart of the Patient Award: Excellent Dedication to Patient-Centric Care

The Heart of the Patient Award:  Excellent Dedication to Patient-Centric Care & the Patient-Centered Medical Home – Little Flower Clinic

Little Flower Clinic achieved initial PCMH recognition in 2017 with the Kentucky REC’s assistance from one of our PCMH Certified Content Experts (PCMH CCE).  Since then they have provided high-quality patient-centered care for their community; while realizing improved health outcomes and workflow efficiencies for their patients and staff.

This past Spring they completed and passed their Annual Reporting requirements and received the NCQA Distinction in Behavioral Health. This distinction assists Primary Care practices to better integrate behavioral healthcare into their organization and acknowledges organizations that excel in this area.

Not only did Little Flower Clinic accomplish all of the previous mentioned accolades, but they also underwent an NCQA audit, passing with flying colors, while dealing with the devastating flood in their area. During that time, Little Flower Clinic had several staff members’ homes destroyed, with no electric or phone service for a period of time, and they continued to provide for their patients and community with food, water, clothing and hygiene items.

The Kentucky REC would like to recognize and award Little Flower Clinic with the PCMH client award for their work in the PCMH model of care and extraordinary commitment to their patients.


Outstanding Achievement Award: Commitment to Quality Improvement & QPP-MIPS

J. David Outland’s practice is a single provider dermatology clinic in Western Kentucky that has submitted to the Quality Payment Program as a MIPS Eligible Clinician since the inception of the program.

Dr. Outland’s staff first began participation in the QPP through the use of claims submission. As the program requirements changed and became increasingly more complex, Dr. Outland contacted the Kentucky Regional Extension Center for assistance in navigating this complexity. Dr. Outland and his staff have successfully navigated the program using a registry and without the use of an electronic health record system.

The practice continues to achieve a perfect score each year and receives the maximum payment adjustment available. We believe that recognizing this practice for the hard work required to assure data entered into the registry is accurate, validated and meets his practice goals is important and their work is exemplary.

The efforts of Dr. Outland and his staff proves that other clinics of similar size and settings can be successful in avoiding payment reductions while also complying with CMS’s reporting requirements for the Quality Payment Program.

The Kentucky REC would like to recognize and award J. David Outland with the QPP-MIPS IA Small Practice award for their steadfast work in Quality Improvement and the QPP/MIPS track, and their overwhelming commitment to their community and patients.