Webinar – Medicaid Promoting Interoperability for EPs: How to Succeed in Stage 3
Wednesday Sept. 25, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. ET

As we approach the end of 2019, it is crucial to be making progress toward meeting the Promoting Interoperability (MU) Stage 3 objectives and measure. Your Health IT advisors at the KY REC are ready to assist you along the way. Below is important information regarding the EHR incentive program and recommended beginning steps for success. Contact us to schedule a meeting to review your Stage 3 reports and assist with your workflow assessments for the new measures.

EHR Reporting Period for 2019
For 2019, the EHR reporting period for Medicaid EPs is a minimum of any continuous 90 day period within the calendar year. Attestations must be submitted by 03/31/2020 for the Kentucky Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.

2015 Edition Certified EHR Technology
All participants in the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program are required to use 2015 Edition CEHRT. The 2015 Edition CEHRT did not have to be implemented on January 1, 2019. However, the functionality must be in place by the first day of the EHR reporting period and the product must be certified to the 2015 Edition criteria by the last day of the EHR reporting period.

Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) for 2019
Medicaid EPs who are returning participants must report on a one year eCQM reporting period, and first-time meaningful users must report on a 90-day eCQM reporting period. EPs are required to report on any six eCQMs related to their scope of practice. In addition, Medicaid EPs are required to report on at least one outcome measure. If no outcome measures are relevant to that EP, they must report on at least one high-priority measure. If there are no outcome or high priority measures relevant to an EP’s scope of practice, they must report on any six relevant measures.

Here is a list of available eCQMs for EPs in 2019.

Objectives and Measures: EPs must attest to Stage 3 Objectives and Measures for 2019:


Specification sheet links for Stage 3 Measures can be found here.

Important Beginning Steps to Be Successful
  • Contact your vendor to determine:
    1. When will I receive my 2015 CEHRT upgrade?
    2. Are my Stage 3 reports available?
    3. Is the Application Program Interface (API) enabled?
      • Do you have instructions available on how to use the API that can be given to our patients?
    4. Are there instructions or training materials available to learn about the new features with our upgrade?
      • New clinical reconciliation button?
      • How to incorporate summary of care into EHR?
      • Sending patient education to portal?
      • Submitting patient generated health data?
  • Schedule your Security Risk Analysis for 2019 with the Kentucky REC
  • Run your Stage 3 Promoting Interoperability (MU) reports regularly and work with your Health IT advisor to review
  • Run your patient volume report for 90 days in April – June and return to your Health IT advisor

IMPORTANT — If you are planning on attesting to the Immunization Registry public health option, be sure to sign the new bi-directional immunization registry addendum with the Kentucky Health Information Exchange. The old immunization registry addendum WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED for attestations. This must be signed within 60 days of the start of your reporting period.

Contact us at Kentucky REC with your questions about Promoting Interoperability. Our team of experts is here to help: 859-323-3090.