This time of year in the Quality Payment Program is stressful. Practice representatives have to juggle attestation prep along with all the changes for the new program year that started January 1st. There are major overall changes to Year 3, including the expansion of eligible clinician types, and a third criteria for exclusion (200 covered physician fee services). Along with those changes, each performance category was updated, with Promoting Interoperability (PI) standing out as the most altered category.

While PI Performance Category is still weighted at 25% of your MIPS final score, the approach to receiving full credit has changed. In an effort to simplify the math for Year 3, CMS has moved to straight performance based scoring. The result of this is that an individual’s or group’s ability to earn a perfect score of 25 points has been dramatically limited. The number of raw points has gone from the previous 155 down to 110.  This scoring change, along with the streamlining of Objectives and Measures, stands to have serious impact for this performance year.

Join us on February 7th when our panel of experts will discuss the changes to the PI category and what you can do now to limit the impact it will have on your MIPS final score for Year 3. During this webinar we will review the final objectives, measures and associated weights, along with the challenges of the new scoring approach. We’ll discuss how your practice can plan out the year now to mitigate any potential risk due to these changes and be successful in Year 3 of the QPP.

Webinar – QPP Year 3: Promoting Interoperability

Thursday February 7,   12:30 – 1:30 p.m. ET