Navigating the many systems to submit your QPP Year 2 data is challenging, even on the best day. With all the changes to the QPP submission system, updates, and new processes, it can be downright confusing. This article is to give you some guidance for your quality submission. However, due to the complexity of the program, there may be exceptions to this information. If you find yourself in a bind, call us at 859-323-3090 and one of our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Keep in mind the four categories in play for the 2018 program year: Quality, Cost, Improvement Activities and Promoting Interoperability. At most, you will need to submit on three categories for 2018 (since Cost is calculated by CMS). Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities allow ECs or groups to submit by attestation or by having a 3rd party submit. The Quality performance category has more limits surrounding submission.

Submitting Your Quality Data

Either you or your EHR will need the capability to generate a Quality Reporting Document Architecture or QRDA III file. Contact your EHR vendor or registry, if applicable, to access this file if you are unable to generate it in your system. While a QRDA III file is required for Quality, it may also be used to submit data for Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities.

Typically there are two main ways to submit this QRDA III file:

1. Directly via the API – this workflow involves sending your QRDA III XML file to an endpoint (i.e. URL) that will then convert the file to QPP JSON, which is one of the two formats that the API accepts for submission. You can then submit the QPP JSON file to the API for submission and scoring purposes. For method one, your Registry, QCDR or EHR will generate the file and upload on your behalf. This means you will have to work with the 3rd party to identify workflows and timelines.

2. Manual upload via the QPP website – this workflow allows you to upload your QRDA III XML file for submission and scoring purposes. For method two, your EHR will need to be able to generate a QRDA III file in an XML file format. Some systems allow the end users to generate these files, while others require you to place a ticket to have one generated. You will want to work with your vendor to identify the process, timeline and capabilities of your EHR. Once you have your QRDA III file in hand, you can then submit it yourself by logging in to the submission portal at and uploading the document under the Quality submission category.

Once the file has been properly uploaded, either by using the manual upload or direct API submission methods, you should be able to see the details of that submitted file. We highly recommend verifying that your submission is correct: check that all desired quality measures have been reported on; and double check to make sure there are no apparent errors.

Questions? Email or call us at 859-323-3090.