Program Year 2019 is almost over for the KY Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program. Be sure you have ALL of your documentation compiled and ready to submit. The Kentucky Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (Promoting Interoperability) is accepting program year 2019 attestations until 11:59 p.m. March 31, 2020. Any attestation not submitted will be closed out and ineligible for participation for the program year.



1. Individual Provider NPI and EHR Incentive Program Registration Tracking ID (assigned upon registration with CMS) used to log into website to submit attestation (Not required for upload, just need for log-in)
2. Public Health or Clinical Data Registries – Required uploads will vary based on providers’ level of engagement with KHIE or other public health or clinical data registries; see below:

  • Option 1: Completed Registration to Submit Data to KHIE: Participation Agreement and all signed addendums required (upload required), and registration documentation should be kept for audit purposes
  • Option 2: Testing and Validation to KHIE: Testing and Validation Confirmation (upload required) Other Registries: Documentation of completed testing should be kept for audit purposes
  • Option 3: Production to KHIE: Go-Live Approval Form (upload required) Other Registries: Confirmation of production data should be kept for audit purposes

3. Promoting Interoperability reports must be uploaded for the qualifying 90 day period for each individual EP attesting
4. Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) report should be generated for the applicable reporting period as a QRDA-III file for each EP attesting. If a QRDA-III file is unavailable, eCQM report should be saved as a PDF for upload.
5. Payment Reassignment document: Documentation is required for all EPs that attest for incentive payments through the Kentucky Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program. This is required for all providers that reassign payment to an entity other than themselves.
6. Documentation must be uploaded to the attestation in the form of a signed agreement indicating EP is permitting their monies to be reassigned. The agreement shall be on the entities clinic or group letterhead, renewed each payment year and to include all information below:

  • Name and NPI of EP participating in the incentive program
  • Program Year and Payment Year EP agrees to reassign incentive monies
  • Name, NPI & TIN of clinic or group payment will be reassigned to
  • Signed and dated by EP
  • Signed and dated by authorized representative of entity receiving incentive payment on behalf of the EP

7. Patient Volume Report for a 90 day period, during or prior to the calendar year of the reporting period for attestation. A patient volume report form is available here.
8. When requesting a KCHIP report, if applicable, allow adequate time for receipt before attesting as this report can take up to 3 hours to complete.
9. Signed vendor contract, invoice or purchase order (documentation must be a legally binding contract) with current software version number listed to support the 2015 version CEHRT ID. Any other documentation supporting Yes/No attestation responses, testing with other entities, etc.
10. EHR Certification ID for current version (2015) from the CHPL website.

Contact your Health IT Advisor at the Kentucky Regional Extension Center to assist you with reviewing your Stage 3 reports, or with any questions you may have regarding the attestation process or suggested documents to retain. Also, be certain to schedule a time with your Health IT Advisor to submit your attestation. Kentucky Medicaid provides a manual for Eligible Provider Meaningful Users here.

Contact us at Kentucky REC with your questions about the Promoting Interoperability Program. Our team of experts is here to help: 859-323-3090.