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Living in the Now, with John Doe

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PILL PODCAST: Empowering Stroke Survivors – A Conversation with Dr. Christine Cosby-Gaither

We’re honored to welcome Dr. Christine Cosby-Gaither, an educator, entrepreneur, and founder of A Stroke of Grace.

Dr. Cosby-Gaither’s journey is one of resilience, from her career in academia, to her inspiring recovery from a life-changing stroke in 2019.

Through her nonprofit organization, A Stroke of Grace, she is dedicated to supporting Black stroke survivors and their families, offering hope and resources along their recovery journey.

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PILL PODCAST: Unlocking Mental Health Resources – Insights from Danny Cornett at New Vista

Join us as we explore New Vista’s innovative approaches to client-centered care, destigmatizing mental health, and promoting awareness during Mental Health Awareness Month.

In this enlightening conversation, we delve into the critical topic of mental health awareness and the resources available in Kentucky. Danny Cornett, DrPH, the Corporate Director of Quality and Compliance at New Vista, shares valuable insights into the organization’s comprehensive mental health services, including substance use disorder treatment and crisis intervention.

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PILL PODCAST: Unlocking Community Health – Insights from Dr. Rachel Hogg-Graham

Join us for a compelling exploration into community health strategies with Dr. Rachel Hogg-Graham, Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health.

In this podcast, Dr. Hogg-Graham delves into the integration of health and social services. She highlights the pivotal role of community partnerships in addressing unmet social needs and improving population health outcomes.

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The PILL Podcast by Kentucky REC is your go-to resource for insights into healthcare quality improvement and transformation. Launched in Fall 2018, this podcast series features interviews with industry experts leading the way in issues facing modern healthcare providers. Join us as we navigate regulatory changes, discuss lessons learned, and provide actionable strategies for success in the evolving healthcare landscape. Tune in on Buzzsprout, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts to stay informed and empowered in the world of healthcare transformation. All episodes are now available for your listening pleasure.