Grant Opportunity: Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support – Deadline March 17

Grant Opportunity: Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support – Deadline March 17

Grant Opportunity: Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Research Study & Quality Improvement

The Kentucky Regional Extension Center, in partnership with The University of Kentucky College of Public Health and UK HealthCare Department of Family & Community Medicine are inviting you to apply to participate in a research study and learning collaborative to improve access and utilization of Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSMES) within the state of Kentucky.

DSMES is an evidence-based educational program that helps people with diabetes better control their blood sugar (improved hemoglobin A1c) and reduce diabetes-related complications and healthcare costs. DSMES is included in the American Diabetes Association’s Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes current clinical practice guidelines. Despite this evidence, DSMES remains strikingly underutilized with fewer than 10% of eligible patients receiving this helpful service.

The Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) “UP FOR IT” Learning Collaborative focuses on improving the referral process to DSMES services for clinics in Kentucky. It is part of a larger NIH-funded research project studying the adoption of practice facilitation and an electronic clinic-community referral system to increase DSMES utilization.

Selected organizations are eligible to receive up to $12,000 in client practice payments to help offset the costs of participation in terms of time, administrative support, data collection/reporting, provider/staff training.

Interested organizations are asked to submit a COMPLETED APPLICATION by 12pm EDT FRIDAY, MARCH 17th, 2024 HERE.

For questions concerning the collaborative or the application, contact Kentucky REC or call us at 859-323-3090.

See THIS DOCUMENT for additional details on this grant-funded research study opportunity.

Watch the recording from the Info Call held on 2/17/23 HERE.

Contact the experts at Kentucky REC with all your quality improvement questions. We’re here to help: 859-323-3090.

Dec 8 Annual Conference – New Feature! Recorded Content

2022 Annual meeting website

Hybrid Event with Special Guest Speaker – In Person and Virtual

Lexington Kentucky, Malone’s Prime Events Center 

We are pleased to be hosting our Annual Conference as a HYBRID event to give our participants the option to attend either in person* or virtually. If you are unable to participate on Dec 8, all content will be available to you afterward.

This year, for the first time, registrants will have access to additional content videos on our event website and app.

Pre-recorded content includes:
Telehealth in 2023
QPP 2023 Final Rule
Information Blocking
  Practice Transformation
Mental Health Resources for Primary Care
Advantages of PCMH/PCSP
Coverdell Stroke Grant

Kentucky REC Annual Conference Agenda

Thursday, December 8

8:30 —Registration
9:00 — Welcome
9:10 — Quality Improvement - Kentucky REC Quality Experts

Managing Change in Healthcare: From Theory to Reality – Jessica Elliott & Kelly Fountain, Kentucky REC

10:10 — Behavioral Health

Strategies to Address the Behavioral Health Crisis – Trudi Matthews, Senior Director of Quality and Value Strategy, and Ginny Gottschalk, MD – UK Healthcare

11:10 — Break/Networking
11:25 — Kentucky Health Information Technology in 2023
Andrew Bledsoe, Deputy Executive Director, KHIE
11:45 — Lunch/Networking
12:45 — Special Guest Speaker Coach Colene, Be More Consulting

Emerging on the Other Side

2:15 — Break/Networking
2:30 — Medicare Promoting Interoperability for Hospitals

Robin Curnel, Kentucky REC

3:00 — Strong HIPAA Safeguards are the Key for Protection Against Ransomware
Amy Daley, Kentucky REC
4:00 — Wrap-up

Questions? Contact us at Kentucky REC or call us at 859-323-3090.

*Kentucky REC will follow current UK HealthCare COVID guidelines for our in person event.

Join Prediabetes or Diabetes Learning Collaboratives to Improve Patient Outcomes

Kentucky REC, in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Public Health, is working with practices statewide on improving health and outcomes for patients with prediabetes or diabetes.
JANUARY 1, 2023 — DEC 31, 2023
  • Receive monthly technical assistance, group monthly calls and quarterly webinars, with monthly reporting
  • Educate patients on diabetes prevention, refer interested patients to National Diabetes Prevention Program classes
  • Conduct small tests of change using quality improvement methodology
  • Financial Support: Receive $1500 quarterly practice payments
JANUARY 1, 2023 — DEC 31, 2023
  • Open to any practices, FQHCs or RHCs and Healthy Living with Diabetes teams
  • Attend three learning sessions, and monthly educational webinars
  • Do small tests of change (PDSA cycles) to improve outcomes for adult patients diagnosed with diabetes
  • Report monthly, attend summative congress
  • Receive 4 practice payments of $1,500

HERE is a flyer with all the grant opportunities listed.

HERE is the application for the Prediabetes Learning Collaborative.

HERE is the application for the Diabetes Learning Collaborative.

Contact us at Kentucky REC or 859-323-3090 to learn more.


The Kentucky Department of Public Health (DPH) is embarking on our third Kentucky Diabetes Learning Collaborative with the Kentucky Regional Extension Center (KY REC) to improve clinical outcomes for patients with diabetes. We are also hosting a full Diabetes Prevention Learning Collaborative to improve outcomes for patients with prediabetes.

Diabetes Prevention Learning Collaborative
Informal Call for Interested Practices and Providers
Thursday, August 25, 2022 12-1 pm EST

Contact us for the ZOOM Link and more information at (859) 323-3090 or email us at

The purpose of the informational call is to provide an overview of the 2023 Kentucky Diabetes Learning Collaborative 3 starting in February 2023 and Kentucky Diabetes Prevention Learning Collaborative starting in January 2023.

Participant Requirements:

  • Must be a Kentucky based health care location
  • Have 100-300 adult patients with diabetes or prediabetes
  • Must have time and motivation to participate in a year long project
  • Deadline for interested practices to apply is September 9, 2022

Our previous Kentucky Diabetes Learning Collaboratives were very successful despite the pressures of the pandemic. Applicants chosen to participate can receive up to $6,000 in practice payments based on meeting certain project deliverables. Not only can you improve outcomes for your patients with diabetes or prediabetes but you can also improve your eCQM, HEDIS, UDS, QPP or MIPS score around diabetes.

Information on Diabetes Learning Collaborative
Application for Diabetes Learning Collaborative
Information on Pre-diabetes Learning Collaborative
Application for Pre-diabetes Learning Collaborative

Contact us for the ZOOM Link and more information at (859) 323-3090 or email us at


Join us in improving health outcomes for people of the Commonwealth!

The University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and Kentucky Department of Public Health were awarded a Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Program Grant in 2021. As the lead organizations in the project, we are working together to expand Kentucky’s existing efforts to improve stroke-related health outcomes by working with Kentucky health care systems and community providers to implement comprehensive stroke systems for those at highest risk for stroke, as well as those who have had a stroke.

We are looking for partners in primary care offices to leverage electronic health records and health information technology to identify patients at highest risk for stroke, such as those with a personal history of stroke and those with uncontrolled hypertension. Under the unified goal of preventing stroke, uncontrolled high blood pressure is one of the highest indicators for stroke risk, and is a significant issue throughout Kentucky. As a participant in the strategy, the Coverdell team will be offering technical assistance to help your staff prevent stroke in patients with uncontrolled hypertension, as well as improve outcomes for patients who have had a stroke.

Benefits of participation include:

EHR technical assistance to help identify patients with uncontrolled hypertension
Assistance from the Coverdell Team and DPH in establishing and participation in the Care Collaborative
FREE Blood Pressure Monitors and Cuffs
Process improvement assistance to implement and sustain initiative
Technical assistance to track and measure improvements in patient population

Along with the Kentucky Department for Public Health, we will be providing CARE Collaborative training for your staff. The CARE Collaborative is an educational encounter between a healthcare extender and the patient that helps them identify their blood pressure zone and provides them with the tools to reduce their risk of stroke by lowering their blood pressure. You can find more information on the CARE Collaborative HERE.

Be a part of the inaugural Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Program Grant award for Kentucky!

Contact us at Kentucky REC or 859-323-3090 to learn more.


JUST A FEW SPACES REMAINING – Contact us now! Kentucky REC or 859-323-3090

The Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program at the Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) recently received a multi-year grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to improve hypertension clinical outcomes. One of the strategies Kentucky has chosen focuses on the implementation of a robust clinical quality improvement Hypertension Learning Collaborative (HLC).

This Collaborative will be a 12-month process by which health care organizations come together to learn from one another, and from experts in the field, and then undertake small tests of change to reach self-identified objectives within their own organizations. The focus for the HLC will be to assist health care organizations make “breakthrough” increases in the adoption and use of clinical systems and care practices to improve health outcomes in adults with uncontrolled hypertension. Targeted clinical outcomes will include improvement in blood pressure control and use of statin therapy. Clinical system changes will include: clinical decision support within the EHR for Cardiovascular Assessment; Risk Reduction; and Education Collaborative Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring (CARE SMBP) referral; the establishment of bi-directional referral processes with CARE SMBP providers; and other evidence-based care practices.

JULY 2022 — JULY 2023
    • Receive monthly technical assistance, monthly webinars and quarterly Learning Sessions, with regular reporting
    • Educate patients on options for blood pressure screening, refer interested patients to Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring at Local Health Department
    • Conduct small tests of change using quality improvement methodologies
    • Financial Support: $1500 quarterly


HERE is a flyer with all the grant opportunities listed.

Contact us at Kentucky REC or 859-323-3090 to learn more.