Physical security is an important part of your organization’s HIPAA compliance efforts.  If you notice security issues (e.g a missing cable lock or door lock that does not work properly) notify supervisor or HIPAA Privacy and/or Security Officer immediately.

This reminder is part of a series of HIPAA Security Reminders from the Kentucky Regional Extension Center.  These reminders can be used by covered entities and business associates looking to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule’s CFR §164.308(a)(5)(ii)(A), which states, “Security reminders (Addressable). Periodic security updates.

Feel free to share this with your workforce/staff to remind them of the importance of safeguarding protected health information (PHI), especially PHI that is in electronic form (ePHI).  A new security reminder is posted at the beginning of each week.  If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone at the REC about HIPAA Privacy and Security please call (859) 323-3090.